Pathogenic Campylobacter:

(a) A small introduction: Some members of the heat resistant genus Camplyobacter are food-borne pathogens. They have been isolated with increased frequencies from food and also from fecal samples collected from patients suffering from acute diarrheal diseases. Their epidemiology, natural habitats and the mechanism of infection is unclear and stems from the problem that they are fastidious and their culture has been time consuming and complex. The identification and differentiation of different pathogenic species is also difficult (approximately 90%).

(b) Suggested information for inclusion: The intention of the topic is to summarise the knowledge currently available for pathogenic Campylobacter species. I have included below some suggestions that may assist you in writing this summary. You may also come across other interesting facts during the course of your reading that you may wish to add to your summary.

(c) Suggested reading list to get you started:
  1. Internet: Look at the list of microbiology servers which I have compiled at the URL: /sites.html#MBL. This site has not been updated for about a year so if you find new informative sites than please do let me know. I will add to them to the list.

  3. Journals: Look up the following journals. The best would be look through the journal volume index using Campylobacter as the key word. Some journals that may be useful (but do not regard this as an exhaustive list) are as follows:
  1. Books: Check up for books on Campylobacter. This could be an entire book on this subject or may be chapters in books (e.g. The Prokaryotes which comes in 4 volumes). Check the library catalogues for this information.